Rethinking Admissions

Patients, family, and nurses can sign paperwork electronically
Does not require paperwork to be printed, scanned or faxed
Works on desktop, Android, or iPhone – without downloading an app 
On mobile, consent forms are legible, without panning or zooming  
Partially completed forms can be corrected by admission nurses  
Works the same with or without a network connection, so nurses can complete & collect paperwork everywhere  
The entire admissions team has visibility into the status of every referral through a central dashboard  
Patient & family engagement measured down to how long the patient spent on any section of the consent form  
Includes educational media such as an Explanation of Service video  
Families can download completed forms anytime after admissions  
Patients & families can upload Advance Directives, ID cards, and other paperwork  
Patients & families can use their phone to scan Advance Directives  
Pre-integrated with popular hospice EHRs  
Patients can switch between languages on their own, while forms are printed in the language preferred by the nurse  
Analytics & scorecards provide insight into how the agency is performing relative to peers  

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