Rethinking Admissions

As Hospices Expand, Managing Cost Remains a Priority

With the CMS increase in the base pay rate for in-patient hospice care, providers are expanding facilities and seeing growth in admissions. As they do, they are also being cautious to manage compliance with regulations and costs.

The Hospice News article highlights some Hospice organizations’ expansion efforts and how they are managing the growth.

Hospices Expand Inpatient Care, But Tread Carefully

“In addition to across-the-board expenses like wages and salaries, medications and supplies, hospices that operate freestanding facilities must pay to maintain them. To open a new facility, construction costs also come into play.”

One area in which we help hospices manage costs is by reducing the time it takes to admit patients. With the VIP platform, our customers have told us they can cut 2 hours from the admissions process for each patient. See how it works here.

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